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Exceptional 1860's Hand-Carved Set - Knights Templar
Photographs Courtesy of Christopher J. Wood

An absolutely gorgeous and rare set of expertly hand-carved woodtype blocks from the mid nineteenth century. Each of the blocks are type-high and measure approximately 3 7/8 x 2 7/8 inches. This would have been a set made to print a two-color finished graphic.

Christopher is always looking for any feedback he can get on these beautiful and Historic pieces. Any comments are welcome via our Contact Us page. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. I?ll leave his description intact.

I recently found two old completely hand carved wooden print stamps. I had to invert them to figure out what they said & I found that one said Salem Town & the other companion one said Commandery, both having a 16 in a shield, one of them having a K on the left side of the shield & T on the right side.

From my research, I have concluded that they were made as a set in 1864 1867 for the Salem Town Commandery 16, a masonic lodge of Knights Templar from Auburn, NY. I know the date of the stamps because the company that made the blocks Vanderburgh, Wells & Company only used the back mark these stamps have from 1864-1867. V.W. & Co. 18 DUTCH STREET N.Y.

Salem Town Commandery No, 16 still exists and is located in Port Byron just south of Auburn, NY.