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Jr. Order of United American Mechanics
9 x 7.5 pica ( 1 x 1 inch )
No foundry identification mark, hand-carved cut. The Junior Order of United American Mechanics is the oldest fraternal order created in the US still in existence. The OUAM was founded in Philadelphia amidst the anti-alien riots of 1844-45. It originally was called the Union of Workers. It created an agenda specifically aimed at subverting immigrant prosperity in America.

Members were required to undertake efforts to publicize and campaign against the hiring of cheap foreign labor. They were also to patronize only "American" businesses. It was essentially anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic.

In 1853 the Junior OUAM was founded. It achieved a peak membership of about 200,000 (1930-1937) compared to 40,000 for its parent organization.